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We Can’t Do it Without You


We rely on substantial aid from generous people like yourself who care to make a difference in the way their community is run. Our Non-Profit Organization depends on the generosity of benefactors like you. Thanks for helping us raise funds. Every cent you decide to contribute makes a big difference in Ukraine and the world. 

Make A Difference Today. Our work is possible because of partners and donors supporting us in various ways. AFH is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Whether sharing our mission, volunteering at Father’s House, or donating funds your support helps continue the work of Father’s House and the Ambassadors as we meet the needs of orphans and our communities. Together we can make a difference!

**2022 Update - during this time, funds are more vital than ever as we provide for kids and staff throughout this war torn time as well as plan for rebuilding in the future! 


Here are a few different ways to donate. Whatever platform you choose, funds will all be directed to the same cause - the needs of our Father's House kids and staff. 


The Box below will allow you to donate through Card, Wire or PayPal.

Give Directly through Zelle:


Give by Check: Payable to Ambassadors of Father's House. Mailing address: P.O. Box 2113 Wayne, NJ 07474

For wire transfer information or any questions about donations, please email

Donations: Product
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