Blue House Repair

Father's House is facing an unexpected, critical endeavor. Unless major repairs are made, the Fire Services recent lawsuit will result in the closure of our Center for Social Child Care, also known as, “Salvation of the Honored Veteran.” The Center was constructed in 1999 and served as the building children lived in for the past twenty two years, but is now worn and deemed uninhabitable. Our mission to accept and provide a better life to hundreds of children from various backgrounds, ages, and temperaments has come at this cost. The Center not only served as a shelter, but as a home filled with peace and unconditional love for 3, 180 fatherless children and youth. This building serves as an oasis for these children — a happy and safe haven to provide a brighter childhood and hope for a new life!


The closure of our Center will result in a lost potential to serve new children that would benefit from twenty five years of God’s work, which focuses on the needs of each child, as opposed to an automated referral system. We cannot allow that to happen!


In order for our vision to come to life, our Center must be renewed in comfort, joy, and become an even safer haven for its children. Our urgency to repair and renovate this building is already under way and can be achieved in approximately three months. We have already begun the process of coordinating our children to be temporarily housed at various summer camps and program sites. This process will continue to be supported throughout this period. 


The total estimate for the repair of our "Salvation of the Honored Veteran" is UAH 2,657,299.00 (USD $96,982). Some of the funds have already been secured by many support's of Father's House and its partners. We appeal to everyone who knows "Father's House" and to those who do not want to see the “Salvation of the Honored Veteran” to stop serving those who still need a life changing experience. This building is nearest to our hearts as it hosted the very first of our homeless children, witnessed the glory of God year after year, and was even recognized by the Presidents of Ukraine. We ask that you please consider joining us on our campaign to raise as much financial support as possible.


You can do this by clicking the link below. Or emailing us for wire information at


With every donation, our commitment is to keep you regularly informed of our progress to repair and reinstate our Center. Time is not on our side so, we pray that you will join us in doing everything we can to prevent this closure from becoming a reality.


For over 70 years, charity shops have existed and operated in the UK, America, Australia and other countries. The main task of charity shops is to turn things that are good, but unnecessary for some people into a valuable resource for others. Many of us would relate this to the organization know as Goodwill.

Purpose: Creating a sustainable resource to help children, youth, families with children, elderly who find themselves in difficult circumstances; as well as creating job opportunities for young people who are orphaned and with disabilities.

Good Deeds is a 4 phase project that will be developed over the next 3 years. The end result will provide regular income to finance for Fathers House (Otchiy Dim). As well as well as creating job opportunities for young people who are orphaned and with disabilities. This Project is estimated to Cost $12,000, and is well on its way. Check out the video above.

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