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Ambassadors of Father's House (AFH) is an initiative dedicated to transforming the lives of orphans and vulnerable youth. Our mission is to provide comprehensive support, going beyond the walls of Father's House, to ensure the well-being and empowerment of these children.


As a collective effort led by adoptees and friends of Father's House, AFH focuses on providing transformative opportunities to orphans and families throughout the pre- and post-adoption journey. We recognize that support should encompass more than just housing, and our initiatives span various aspects of their lives. We prioritize education, healthcare, emotional well-being, skills development, and community integration to nurture their potential and equip them for a brighter future.


We engage in advocacy, raise awareness, and mobilize resources to ensure sustainable and impactful support for orphans. Together, we strive to create a society where every child has the opportunity to thrive, regardless of their circumstances.


Your generosity is essential to the fulfillment of our mission. As a registered nonprofit organization, we ensure that all contributions are tax deductible in the United States, allowing your support to directly benefit our collective efforts to uplift those in need.


Our Mission is to globally unite, motivate, and initiate social action projects that develop leadership skills within orphaned youth.


Our Vision is that all orphans have the support and surroundings to inspire their future communities.

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