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Blue House Repairs


Dear friends, “ Father's House” is facing an unexpected, critical endeavor.


The fire service filed a lawsuit against us in court demanding the closure of the our Center for Social Care of Children.  Unfortunately, it was not possible to meet all the new demands, as the house was built and put into operation in 1999.


 To comply with these instructions, we need to make major repairs to the house.


The repairs include replacing plumbing, sewerage, security system, power line, fire alarm, pavement, repair and/or replace windows, redesign kitchen and bathrooms, restore doors, stairs, dismantle the wooden surfaces on the walls, wallpaper, dismantle and lay new tile. 


Yes, in  twenty two years the house became worn and in disarra because it was lucky enough to host almost 3000 children and youth from various backgrounds, ages, and temperaments.


All these children have found not only a shelter, but  a home with unconditional love and an oasis — a happy and safe haven to provide a brighter childhood and hope for a new life!


The closure of our Center will result in a lost potential to serve new children that would benefit from twenty five years of God’s work, which focuses on the needs of each child, as opposed to an automated referral system.


We cannot allow that to happen! In order for our house to come to life, our Center must be renewed in comfort, joy, and become an even safer haven for its children within a very short period of time- three months.


During the summer, we are able to coordinating our children and programs to be temporarily housed and supported at various summer camps and program sites.


The total estimate for the repair of our "Salvation of the Honored Veteran" is UAH 2,657,299.00 (US $96,982).


We appeal to everyone who knows "Father's House" and who does not want the “Veteran” that hosted the very first of our homeless children and witnessed the glory of God year after year, and was even recognized by the Presidents of Ukraine, to stop serving those who still need a life changing experience.


We ask that you please consider joining us on our campaign to raise as much financial support as possible. Thank you!



Our commitment is to keep you regularly informed of our progress, that has already begun, to repair and reinstate our Center.


We persist because time is not on our side!

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